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Which of the following states is not possible for the CloudWatch alarm?
Correct Answer: A
Explanation: An alarm has three possible states: OK–The metric is within the defined threshold ALARM–The metric is
outside of the defined threshold INSUFFICIENT_DATA–The alarm has just started, the metric is not available, or not
enough data is available for the metric to determine the alarm state Reference:

Fill in the blanks: One of the basic characteristics of security groups for your VPC is that you ______ .
A. can specify allow rules as well as deny rules
B. can neither specify allow rules nor deny rules
C. can specify allow rules, but not deny rules
D. can specify deny rules, but not allow rules
Correct Answer: C
Security Groups in VPC allow you to specify rules with reference to the protocols and ports through which
communications with your instances can be established. One such rule is that you can specify allow rules,
but not deny rules.

A user has launched multiple EC2 instances for the purpose of development and testing in the same region. The user
wants to find the separate cost for the production and development instances. How can the user find the cost
A. The user should download the activity report of the EC2 services as it has the instance ID wise data
B. It is not possible to get the AWS cost usage data of single region instances separately
C. The user should use Cost Distribution Metadata and AWS detailed billing
D. The user should use Cost Allocation Tags and AWS billing reports
Correct Answer: D
Explanation: AWS provides cost allocation tags to categorize and track the AWS costs. When the user applies tags to
his AWS resources (such as Amazon EC2 instances or Amazon S3 buckets), AWS generates a cost allocation report as
a comma-separated value (CSV file) with the usage and costs aggregated by those tags. The user can apply tags which
represent business categories (such as cost centers, application names, or instance type – Production/Dev. to organize
usage costs across multiple services.

A SysOps Administrator needs to retrieve a file from the GLACIER storage class of Amazon S3. The Administrator
wants to receive an Amazon SNS notification when the file is available for access.
What action should be taken to accomplish this?
A. Create an Amazon CloudWatch Events event for file restoration from Amazon S3 Glacier using the
GlacierJobDescription API and send the event to an SNS topic the Administrator has subscribed to.
B. Create an AWS Lambda function that performs a HEAD request on the object being restored and checks the storage
class of the object. Then send a notification to an SNS topic the Administrator has subscribed to when the storage class
changes to STANDARD.
C. Enable an Amazon S3 event notification for the s3:ObjectCreated:Postevent that sends a notification to an SNS topic
the Administrator has subscribed to.
D. Enable S3 event notification for the s3:ObjectCreated:Completed event that sends a notification to an SNS topic the
Administrator has subscribed to.
Correct Answer: C

A user has configured a VPC with a new subnet. The user has created a security group. The user wants to configure
that instances of the same subnet communicate with each other. How can the user configure this with the security
A. There is no need for a security group modification as all the instances can communicate with each other inside the
same subnet
B. Configure the subnet as the source in the security group and allow traffic on all the protocols and ports C. Configure the security group itself as the source and allow traffic on all the protocols and ports
D. The user has to use VPC peering to configure this
Correct Answer: C
A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC. is a virtual network dedicated to the user\\’s AWS account. AWS provides two
features that the user can use to increase security in VPC: security groups and network ACLs. Security
groups work at the instance level. If the user is using the default security group, it will have a rule which
allows the instances to communicate with other. For a new security group, the user has to specify the rule,
add it to define the source as the security group itself, and select all the protocols and ports for that source.

An application is running on an Amazon EC2 instance. A SysOps Administrator is tasked with allowing the application
access to an Amazon S3 bucket.
What should be done to ensure optimal security?
A. Apply an S3 bucket policy to allow access from all EC2 instances.
B. Create an IAM user and create a script to inject the credentials on boot.
C. Create and assign an IAM role for Amazon S3 access to the EC2 instance.
D. Embed an AWS credentials file for an IAM user inside the Amazon Machine Image (AMI).
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/IAM/latest/UserGuide/id_roles_use_switch-role-ec2.html

What does Amazon EC2 provide?
A. A platform to run code (Java, PHP, Python), paying on an hourly basis
B. A physical computing environment
C. Virtual Server Hosting
D. Domain Name System (DNS)
Correct Answer: C
Amazon EC2 provides Virtual Server Hosting.
Reference: http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/

A SysOps Administrator must generate a report that provides a breakdown of all API activity by a specific user over the
course of a year.
Given that AWS Cloud Trail was enabled, how can this report be generated?
A. Using the AWS management Console, search for the user name in the CloudTrail history. Then filter by API and
download the report in CSV format.
B. Use the CloudTrail digest files stored in the company\\’s Amazon S3 bucket. then send the logs to Amazon
QuickSight to create the report.
C. Locate the monthly reports that CloudTrail sends that are emailed to the account\\’s root user. Then forward the
reports to the auditor using a secure channel.
D. Access the CloudTrail logs stored in the Amazon S3 bucket tied to Cloud Trail. Use Amazon Athena to extract the
information needed to generate the report.
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/cloudtrail-search-for-activity/

A web-commerce application stores its data in an Amazon Aurora DB cluster with an Aurora replica. The application
displays shopping cart information by reading data from the reader endpoint. When monitoring the Aurora database, the
SysOps Administrator sees that the AuroraReplicaLagMaximum metric for a single replica is high.
What behavior is the application MOST likely exhibiting to users?
A. Users cannot add any items to the shopping cart.
B. Users intermittently notice that the cart is not updated correctly.
C. Users cannot remove any items from the shopping cart.
D. Users cannot use the application because it is falling back to an error page.
Correct Answer: B

In which screen does a user select the Availability Zones while configuring Auto Scaling?
A. Auto Scaling Group Creation
B. Auto Scaling Instance Creation
C. Auto Scaling Launch config Creation
D. Auto Scaling Policy Creation
Correct Answer: A
You can take advantage of the safety and reliability of geographic redundancy by spanning your Auto
Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones within a region and then attaching a load bal-ancer to
distribute incoming traffic across those Availability Zones. Incoming traffic is distributed equally across all
Availability Zones enabled for your load balancer.

An application resides on multiple EC2 instances in public subnets in two Availability Zones. To improve security, the
Information Security team has deployed an Application Load Balancer (ALB) in separate subnets and pointed the DNS
at the ALB instead of the EC2 instances.
After the change, traffic is not reaching the instances, and an error is being returned from the ALB.
What steps must a SysOps Administrator take to resolve this issue and improve the security of the application? (Choose
A. Add the EC2 instances to the ALB target group, configure the health check, and ensure that the instances report
B. Add the EC2 instances to an Auto Scaling group, configure the health check to ensure that the instances report
healthy, and remove the public IPs from the instances.
C. Create a new subnet in which EC2 instances and ALB will reside to ensure that they can communicate, and remove
the public IPs from the instances.
D. Change the security group for the EC2 instances to allow access from only the ALB security group, and remove the
public IPs from the instances.
E. Change the security group to allow access from, which permits access from the ALB.
Correct Answer: BD

A serverless application running on AWS Lambda is expected to receive a significant increase in traffic. A SysOps
Administrator needs to ensure that the Lambda function is configured to scale so the application can process the
increased traffic.
What should the Administrator do to accomplish this?
A. Attach additional elastic network interfaces to the Lambda function
B. Configure AWS Application Auto Scaling based on the Amazon CloudWatch Lambda metric for the number of
C. Ensure the concurrency limit for the Lambda function is higher than the expected simultaneous function executions
D. Increase the memory available to the Lambda function
Correct Answer: A

A company needs to ensure that all IAM users rotate their passwords on a regular basis.
Which action should be taken take to implement this?
A. Configure multi-factor authentication for all IAM users
B. Deactivate existing users and re-create new users every time a credential rotation is required
C. Re-create identity federation with new identity providers every time a credential rotation is required
D. Set up a password policy to enable password expiration for IAM users
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/IAM/latest/UserGuide/id_credentials_passwords_accountpolicy.html

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