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New Update Cisco (CLICA) 300-810 Exam Practice Questions

New Question 1:


Drag and drop the steps from the left into the correct order on the right that describes the flow of presence updates when a user manually sets the presence status in Cisco Jabber. Not all options are used.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

New Question 2:

Which two steps are needed to configure high availability in Cisco IM and presence? (Choose two.)

A. Enable the Failover Check box

B. Configure the CUP administrator

C. Assign the subscriber to the redundancy group

D. Select the enable high availability checkbox and save the configuration change

E. Configure the CUP AXL user.

Correct Answer: CD

New Question 3:

Which statement describes the role of AXL communications in the BLF Plug-in Service of the Cisco Unified Attendant Console?

A. AXL communications allow registered attendants to log in to Cisco Unified Communications Manager and receive calls.

B. The AXL communications enable Device Resolution Manager to resolve the device statuses of operator and system devices.

C. The AXL communications are required after installation to verify that the specified CTI manager or managers and Cisco Unified Attendant Console versions match.

D. The AXL communications are required after installation to verify that the specified CTI manager or managers and Cisco Unified CM versions.

Correct Answer: B

“Part of the Cisco Unified Attendant Console Advanced BLF Plug-in service known as Device Resolution Manager (DRM) uses AXL to communicate with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The AXL communications enable DRM to resolve the BLFs of operator and system devices, and to synchronize system devices within the Cisco Unified Communications Manager database.”

https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucmac/cuaca/12_0_4/admin_ guide/CUACA_AG_120402.pdf

New Question 4:

What submits credentials to the LDAP server during a call that uses SAML SSO?

A. Cisco UCM server

B. Service provider

C. Browser-based Client

D. IdP

Correct Answer: D

New Question 5:

Refer to the exhibit.

After receiving a new desk phone, the Jabber user can no longer make calls via phone control. The help desk collected the user\’s Jabber problem report and verified that they had the correct Cisco UCM CTI permissions. Which configuration must be changed to correct this issue?

A. Verify that the desk phone device has Allow Control of Device from CTI enabled.

B. Verify that the Cisco UCM service profile has Cisco UCM CTI servers configured.

C. Verify that the user\’s desk phone device is listed as a controlled device in the Cisco UCM end-user configuration

D. Verify that the device line configuration has Allow Control of Device from CTI enabled.

Correct Answer: A

New Question 6:

A collaboration engineer restored a failed primary node of an active/standby IM and presence subcluster with the server Recovery manager set to defaults. The engineer notices that the user is still assigned to the secondary server. Which action resolves this issue?

A. Select the Fallback button under Presence Redundancy Group Configuration

B. Wait for 30 minutes for automatic fallback to occur

C. Modify the DNS SRV records to point back to the primary server

D. Restart the services on the primary server

Correct Answer: B

New Question 7:

An administrator is configuring digital networking between Cisco Unity Connection clusters. What are the two requirements for the configuration? {Choose two.)

end-user credentials

A. IP address/FODN of LDAP server

B. IP address/FQDN of Cisco UCM servers

C. system administrator credentials

D. IP address/FODN of the Cisco Unity Connection servers

Correct Answer: CD

New Question 8:

Which SSO authentication method requires no action from the user when the session token times out?

A. web form

B. smart card

C. external database

D. local authentication

Correct Answer: A

New Question 9:

An engineer is importing users into Cisco Unity Connection using AXL and discovers that some users are not listed in the import view. Which action should be taken to resolve this issue?

A. Configure the user’s primary extension to their directory number.

B. Configure the user digest credentials to match the user password.

C. Configure the user access control group assignment to Standard CTI Enabled.

D. Configure the username and password in LDAP.

Correct Answer: A

New Question 10:

What is a step in the SAML SSO process?

A. The IdP redirects the SAML response to the browser.

B. The LDAP server extracts the assertion.

C. The service provider issues an authentication challenge to the browser.

D. The browser issues an HTTPS POST request to the IP.

Correct Answer: A

New Question 11:

Refer to Exhibit.

An engineer is troubleshooting operation performance in the network. Which account should be taken to restore high availability in the sub-cluster?

A. Start all critical services on the second node, and select the Fallback button in the “Presence Redundancy Group Configuration”

B. Go to “Presence Redundancy Group Configuration” on the Cisco UCM Administration page and select the Fallback button.

C. Start all critical services on both nodes and select “rebalance users” in the “Presence User Assignment”

D. Go to “Presence User Agreement” on the Cisco UCM Administration page and select “rebalance users” for all users.

Correct Answer: A

New Question 12:

Refer to the exhibit.

Cisco UCM is integrated with the Cisco Unity connection via a SIP truck and is configured using a globalized dial plan (directory numbers are configured with “*”). Using cisco best practices, which implementation allows call transfers to internal directory numbers but not to PSTN numbers?

A. remove PSTN-PT from voicemail_CSS

B. change the order of partitions to put GLOBAL-INTERNAL-PT first in Voicemail_CSS

C. create a BLOCK-PSTN-PT partition and add it to Voicemail_CSS

D. block pattern +* in the Cisco Unity restriction table

Correct Answer: A

New Question 13:

Refer to the exhibit

Do users complain that the message waiting for light on the IP phone does not light up when receiving a new voicemail With which codec must the engineer configure a dial peer on Cisco UCME for MW1 traffic to resolve this issue?

A. G.729r8

B. G.729ar8

C. G.711ulaw

D. G.711alaw

Correct Answer: C

New Question 14:

Which Cisco IM and Presence service must be activated and running for IM Presence to successfully integrate with Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A. Cisco DHCP Monitor Service

B. Cisco AXL Web Service

C. Self-Provisioning IVR

D. Cisco XCP Authentication Service

Correct Answer: B


New Question 15:


Drag and drop the steps for SAML SSO authentication from the left into the order on the right.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/SAML_SSO_deployment_guide/12_5_1/cucm_b_saml-sso-deployment-guide-12_5/cucm_b_saml-sso-deployment-guide-12_5_chapter_01.html

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