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Exam Code: 70-331
Exam Name: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
Q&As: 226

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Up to the Immediate Present Microsoft 70-331 Dumps Exam Cram:

You provision a Search service application and a User Profile service application for a SharePoint farm. A company policy requires that an account other than the default content access account must be used for crawling content. You need to configure permissions to crawl the profile store. Which User Profile service application object should you configure? (To answer, select the appropriate object in the answer area.)
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You have a SharePoint Server 2013 server farm. You need to implement a site mailbox for a site. Which link should you use from Site Contents? (To answer, select the appropriate link in the answer area.)
Hot Area:
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Hot Area:
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Your company has a SharePoint Server 2013 server farm. Users report that they cannot add iframes to SharePoint pages that point to content on external websites. You need to ensure that the users can add content to iframes from a list of predefined external sites. What should you configure? (To answer, select the appropriate link in the answer area.) Hot Area:
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You are a SharePoint farm administrator. When you attempt to navigate to the SharePoint home page, you receive an application error message that includes a correlation ID. The diagnostic logs do not contain the error corresponding to the correlation ID. You need to adjust the diagnostic logging level to capture all events. Which least critical event should you select? (To 70-331 pdf answer, select the appropriate event from the drop-down list.)
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In the failure rate model shown below, which one of the sections represents the period when catastrophic failures are likely to occur?
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. All sections can experience catastrophic failure.
Answer: D
Failure mode, effect, and criticality analysis, (FMECA) is primarily for the purpose of
A. Learning as much about the item as possible after qualification test.
B. Determining the way an item will most likely fail to help obtain design and procedural safeguardsagainst such failures.
C. Determining, by extensive analysis, the reliability of an item.
D. Determining the cause of a failure, by dissecting the item, to help obtain corrective action.
70-331 vce Answer: B
A system was designed with 3 capacitors. When the system is first activated all capacitors are operating. The system continues to operate as long as at least 1 capacitor is operating. This is an example of
A. Redundancy.
B. A series system.
C. An active parallel system.
D. A standby parallel system.
Answer: C
The failure rate model above is used to show a typical relationship of many parts between their failure rate and the time in service. The reliability function for period “B” is BEST represented by
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
70-331 exam Answer: D

What is the probability of an item failing in less than 5 hours if it has a constant failure rate of
A. 0.00674
B. 0.99127
C. 0.99326
D. 0.99642
Answer: C
The design function which assigns probability of failures between components or subsystems is
A. Apportionment.
B. Significance
C. Confidence.
D. Qualification.
Answer: A
The probability of an accident for the head event “H” given below is:
A. 0.0700
B. 0.1125
C. 0.0689
D. 0.1100
70-331 dumps Answer: C

Which of the following quantitative methods does NOT apply to the assessment of actual system/component reliability?
A. Statistical analysis of field test and failure data.
B. Statistical allocation of reliability goals.
C. Evaluation of laboratory test data.
D. Analysis of results of reliability demonstration tests.
Answer: B
When trying to find all possible causes of a problem, which of the following tools would be useful?
. Systematic troubleshooting and brainstorming.
. Fishbone diagrams and histograms.
. Checklists and scatter diagrams.
. Control charts and graphs.
A. I andIVonly
B. I,IIandIVonly
C. II,IIIandIVonly
70-331 pdf Answer: D
Typically Pareto diagrams are used for which of the following reasons?
. To display the significant few categories.
. To compliment attribute data charting.
. To eliminate insignificant categories.

. To focus attention in priority order.
A. I andIIIonly
B. I,IIandIIIonly
C. II,IIIandIVonly
Answer: D
As a commonly used problem solving technique, which of the following would be the BEST application of a Pareto chart?
. To determine when to make proactive adjustments to a process.
. To differentiate between major and minor problem areas.
. To gather data and to design experimental controlled changes.
. To evaluate the results of other problem solving techniques upon the product or service.
A. I andIIonly
B. IIandIIIonly
C. IIandIVonly
70-331 vce Answer: C
A comprehensive corrective action program is initiated at a large company. Input for CARs are received from customers, internal and external audits, material review reports and other sources. Which two of the following groups would usually administer and control the CAR process?
. Management review team.
. Quality department.

. Corrective Action Board.
. Material Review Board.
A. I andIIonly
B. I andIIIonly
C. IIandIIIonly
D. IIIandIVonly
Answer: B
Which of the following statements BEST describes a bimodal distribution?
A. This distribution shows stratified data and two distinct peaks.
B. This distribution shows a single mode and bell shaped distribution.
C. This distribution is truncated.
D. This distribution has several distribution peaks.
70-331 exam Answer: A
Two advantages of process mapping are the ability to
. Visualize the process being described.
. Discover manufacturing problems only.
. Discover quality problems only.
IV. Check current processes for duplication or redundancy.
A. I andIVonly
B. IIandIIIonly
C. I andIIIonly
D. IIandIVonly
Answer: A

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