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Up to the Immediate Present Microsoft MB6-893 Dumps Exam Cram(1-19)
Exam B
You are the accounts payable manager in a European subsidiary of your company. Your company purchases goods from a vendor that is not located in Europe. The vendor did not charge sales tax on the invoice but the customs office sends an
invoice because the goods crossed the border and the company declared them at customs. What should you do?
A. Report sales tax on the imported goods.
B. Report withholding sales tax on the imported goods.
C. Report conditional sales tax on the imported goods
D. Report sales tax exemption on the imported goods.
MB6-893 exam Correct Answer: A

A financial controller wants to match the total amounts on an invoice to the total amounts on a pur-chase order. Which type of matching should the controller use?
A. Two-way matching
B. Not required
C. Charges matching
D. Three-way matching
Correct Answer: D

In Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial, which of the following statements about depreciation for assets that have not yet been acquired is true? (Choose all that apply.)
A. You cannot post depreciation for the assets.
B. You can post depreciation for the assets by using depreciation proposals.
C. You can post depreciation for the assets by using the depreciation books journal.
D. You can generate depreciation for the assets by using depreciation proposals and specifying a future posting date.
MB6-893  dumps Correct Answer: AD

You are an accounts receivable manager. Your company levies a fine with a high-interest premium on a customer’s overdue amount. The customer disputes this fine and succeeds. You need to waive the fine in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial. What should you do?
A. Print/Post Interest notes.
B. Create an interest adjustment.
C. Print/Post Collection letter notes.
D. Generate a customer account statement.
Correct Answer: D

You set up an asset in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial. What is the initial status of the value model?
A. Open
B. Closed
C. Suspended
D. Not yet acquired
MB6-893  pdf Correct Answer: D

You need to automatically create a fixed asset from a purchase order when an invoice is posted. In Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial, which of the following actions should you perform?
A. Configure the fixed asset posting profile.
B. Configure the fixed asset acquisition methods.
C. Select the Allow asset acquisition from Purchasing fixed asset parameter.
D. Select the Check for fixed assets creation during line entry fixed asset parameter.
E. Select the Create asset during product receipt or invoice posting fixed asset parameter.
Correct Answer: E

You need to create a new fixed asset and assign a depreciation profile.
You want this fixed asset to be depreciated by the same percentage in each depreciation period.
Which depreciation method should be set in the depreciation profile?
A. factor
B. manual
C. reducing balance
D. straight line service life
MB6-893  vce Correct Answer: D

You are the accounting manager at your company. Recently, the company started conducting business with a customer in a different location. You need to create setup procedures that can be used to report sales taxes to the government of this location. What should you do?
A. Set up sales-tax payable.
B. Set up sales-tax authorities.
C. Set up sales-tax receivable.
D. Set up use-tax payable.
Correct Answer: B

Your company receives several invoices on which the sales lax amount differs from what Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial calculates automatically. To make the sales tax amounts match the invoices, you need to revise the sales tax amount on a transaction before posting. What are the three types of revisions that you can perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. Enter a correction of the sales tax amount in the “Actual sales tax amount” field for a selected sales tax code line.
B. Enter an adjustment amount in the “Actual sales tax charge” field if the transaction has several sales tax code lines.
C. Enter adjustments to the use tax amount in the “Total actual sales tax amount” field if the sales tax code line applies to use taxes.
D. Enter adjustments to the use tax amount in the “Actual sales tax charge” field if the sales tax code line applies to use taxes.
E. Enter an adjustment amount in the “Total actual sales tax amount” field if the transaction has several sales tax code lines.
MB6-893 exam Correct Answer: ABC

You need to create recurring free text invoice template. Which three recurrence patterns are available in the Recurring invoices form on the customer record? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Monthly
B. Weeldy
C. Yearly
D. Quarterly
E. Hourly
Correct Answer: ACE

You are an accounts payable manager. Your company buys office supplies from an out-of-state vendor. The vendor charges 100.00 USD for the supplies and no tax. The company may still owe taxes to the sales tax authority in its own state. You need to define the ledger account to manage these transactions. Which account group should you choose?
A. use-tax payable
B. use-tax expense
C. sales-tax receivable
D. sales-tax payable
MB6-893 dumps Correct Answer: C

You are the credit and collections manager at your company. You set up an aging period definition based on your company’s standard collections terms of 0, 90, and 180 days. Earlier this week, you had a telephone call with the customer about the invoices on their account that are overdue. During the call, the customer promised to pay the dues. Which three actions should you perform to manage the collection process in the system? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. Send an email to the customer, including the statement.
B. Process non-sufficient funds (NSF).
C. Perform Write-Offs.
D. Change the status of invoices against the customer to “Promise to pay.
E. Update aging snapshot.
Correct Answer: BCE

You are the director of finance. You are starting to create budgets for the fiscal year and want to generate budget plans from prior year expenses. However, this year, you know your expenses will be more than last. Which field should you set in the generate budget plan from the general ledger form to account for this increase in budget?
A. Minimum
B. Percent
C. Factor
D. Rounding rule
MB6-893 pdf Correct Answer: B

You are an accounts payable clerk. You receive an invoice of 1,000 USD from a vendor. You need to transfer it to an invoice approval pool for the assigned manager to approve before you post the invoice. Which type of invoice should you use?
A. vendor invoice
B. invoice journal
C. voucher template
D. invoice register
Correct Answer: B

What are the three advanced collection management tasks that are performed in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial to manage collections? Each correct answer presents the part of the solution.
A. waive, reinstate, or reverse interest and fees
B. create write-off transactions
C. set up interest codes
D. set up Customer pool
E. process non-sufficient funds (NSF) payments
MB6-893  vce Correct Answer: CDE

You are an accounts receivable manager. You need to generate a document that you can send to for a period. What should you do?
A. Generate an internal accounts statement.
B. Generate a report for customer transactions.
C. Generate a collection letter note.
D. Generate a customer accounts statement.
Correct Answer: A

Your customer needs to set up Fixed assets and treat them as though they were purchased and placed in service at the mid-point of the first year, no matter when during that year the purchase was actually made. Which depreciation convention should you use when creating the depreciation profile?
A. full month
B. half year
C. mid quarter
D. mid month
MB6-893  exam Correct Answer: B

Your company creates a bank account for U.S. payroll disbursements. You need to configure the new bank account in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial and configure the check layout. You notice the date is printing in DD-MM-YYYY
format, and you are not able to change the date format on the check layout form. What determines the format of the date?
A. bank group on the bank groups form
B. check form setting on the check layout form
C. bank on the bank account form
D. vendor on the vendor form
Correct Answer: B

You are creating a budget register entry. You notice that a manual budget reservation will exceed the budget.
What should you do within the budget register entry to satisfy the over-budget condition?
A. enter recurrence
B. transfer balances
C. allocate across periods
D. allocate across dimensions
MB6-893  dumps Correct Answer: A

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