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In order to change the name of the AWS Config ____, you must stop the configuration recorder, delete the current one, and create a new one with a new name, since there can only be one of this per AWS account.

A. SNS topic
B. configuration history
C. delivery channel
D. S3 bucket path

Explanation: As AWS Config continually records the changes that occur to your AWS resources, it sends notifications and updated configuration states through the delivery channel. You can manage the delivery channel to control where AWS Config sends configuration updates.

You can have only one delivery channel per AWS account, and the delivery channel is required to use AWS Config. To change the delivery channel name, you must delete it and create a new delivery channel with the desired name.

Before you can delete the delivery channel, you must temporarily stop the configuration recorder. The AWS Config console does not provide the option to delete the delivery channel, so you must use the AWS CLI, the AWS Config API, or one of the AWS SDKs.



How many tunnels do you get with each VPN connection hosted by AWS?

A. 4
B. 1
C. 2
D. 8

All AWS VPNs come with 2 tunnels for resiliency.


Your organization runs a popular e-commerce application deployed on AWS that uses autoscaling in conjunction with an Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) service with an HTTPS listener. Your security team reports that an exploitable vulnerability has been discovered in the encryption protocol and cipher that your site uses.

Which step should you take to fix this problem?

A. Generate new SSL certificates for all web servers and replace current certificates.
B. Change the security policy on the ELB to disable vulnerable protocols and ciphers.
C. Generate new SSL certificates and use ELB to front-end the encrypted traffic for all web servers.
D. Leverage your current configuration management system to update SSL policy on all web servers.


A company is deploying a critical application on two Amazon EC2 instances in a VPC. Failed client connections to the EC2 instances must be logged according to company policy.

What is the MOST cost-effective solution to meet these requirements?

A. Move the EC2 instances to a dedicated VPC. Enable VPC Flow Logs with a filter on the deny action. Publish the flow logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs.
B. Move the EC2 instances to a dedicated VPC subnet. Enable VPC Flow Logs for the subnet with a filter on the reject action. Publish the flow logs to an Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose stream with data delivery to an Amazon S3 bucket.
C. Enable VPC Flow Logs, filtered for rejected traffic, for the elastic network interfaces associated with the instances. Publish the flow logs to an Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose stream with data delivery to an Amazon S3 bucket.
D. Enable VPC Flow Logs, filtered for rejected traffic, for the elastic network interfaces associated with the instances. Publish the flow logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs.


A company installed an AWS Site-to-Site VPN and configured it to use two tunnels. The company has learned that the VPN connectivity is unstable. During a ping test from the on-premises data center to AWS, a network engineer notices that the first few ICMP replies time out but that subsequent requests are successful.

The AWS Management Console shows that the status for both tunnels last changed at the same time the ping responses were successfully received. Which steps should the network engineer take to resolve the instability? (Choose two.)

A. Enable dead peer detection (DPD) on the customer gateway device.
B. Change the tunnel configuration to active/standby on the virtual private gateway.
C. Use AS-PATH prepending on one path to cause all traffic to prefer that tunnel.
D. Send ICMP requests to an instance in the VPC every 5 seconds from the on-premises network.
E. Use a higher multi-exit discriminator (MED) value on the preferred path to prefer that tunnel.


A company wants to enforce a compliance requirement that its Amazon EC2 instances use only on-premises DNS servers for name resolution. Outbound DNS requests to all other name servers must be denied. A network engineer configures the following set of outbound rules for a security group:

The network engineer discovers that the EC2 instances are still able to resolve DNS requests by using Amazon DNS servers inside the VPC.

Why is the solution failing to meet the compliance requirement?

A. The security group cannot filer outbound traffic to the Amazon DNS servers.
B. The security group must have inbound rules to prevent DNS requests from coming back to EC2 instances.
C. The EC2 instances are using the HTTPS port to send DNS queries to Amazon DNS servers.
D. The security group cannot filter outbound traffic to destinations within the same VPC.


Your company is expanding its cloud infrastructure and moving many of its flat files and static assets to S3. You currently use a VPN to access your compute infrastructure, but you require more reliability for your static files as you are offloading all of your important data to AWS.

What is your best course of action while keeping costs low?

A. Create a Direct Connect connection using a Private VIF to access both compute and S3 resources.
B. Create an S3 endpoint and create a route to the endpoint prefix list for your VPN to allow access to your S3 resources.
C. Create two Direct Connect connections. Each is connected to a Private VIF to ensure maximum resiliency.
D. Create a Direct Connect connection using a Public VIF and route your VPN over the DX connection to your VPN endpoint.

An S3 endpoint cannot be used with a VPN. A Private VIF cannot access S3 resources. A Public VIF with a VPN will ensure security for your compute resources and access to your S3 resources. Two DX connections are very expensive and a Private VIF still won\\’t allow access to your S3 resources.


You need to create a subnet in a VPC that supports 1000 hosts. You need to be as accurate as possible since you run a very large company. What CIDR should you use?

A. /16
B. /24
C. /7
D. /22

/22 supports 1019 hosts since AWS reserves 5 addresses.


You are configuring a VPN to AWS for your company. You have configured the VGW and CGW. You have created the VPN. You have also run the necessary commands on your router. You allowed all TCP and UDP traffic between your data center and your VPC.

The tunnel still doesn\\’t come up. What is the most likely reason?

A. You forgot to turn on route propagation in the routing table.
B. You do not have a public ASN.
C. Your advertised subnet is too large.
D. You haven\\’t added protocol 50 to your firewall.

You haven\\’t allowed protocol 50 through the firewall. Protocol 50 is different from UDP (17) and TCP (6) and requires a rule in your firewall for your VPN tunnel to come up.


Which two choices can serve as a directory service for WorkSpaces? (Choose two.)

A. Simple AD
B. Enhanced AD
C. Direct Connection
D. AWS Microsoft AD

There is no such thing as “Enhanced AD” and DX is not a directory service.


Each custom AWS Config rule you create must be associated with a(n) AWS ____, which contains the logic that evaluates whether your AWS resources comply with the rule.

A. Lambda function
B. Configuration trigger
C. EC2 instance
D. S3 bucket

Explanation: You can develop custom AWS Config rules to be evaluated by associating each of them with an AWS Lambda function, which contains the logic that evaluates whether your AWS resources comply with the rule.

You associate this function with your rule, and the rule invokes the function either in response to configuration changes or periodically. The function then evaluates whether your resources comply with your rule, and sends its evaluation results to AWS Config.



After setting an AWS Direct Connect, which of the following cannot be done with an AWS Direct Connect Virtual Interface?

A. You can delete a virtual interface; if its connection has no other virtual interfaces, you can delete the connection.
B. You can change the region of your virtual interface.
C. You can create a hosted virtual interface.
D. You can exchange traffic between the two ports in the same region connecting to different Virtual Private Gateways (VGWs) if you have more than one virtual interface.

Explanation: You must create a virtual interface to begin using your AWS Direct Connect connection. You can create a public virtual interface to connect to public resources or a private virtual interface to connect to your VPC.

Also, it is possible to configure multiple virtual interfaces on a single AWS Direct Connect connection, and you\\’ll need one private virtual interface for each VPC to connect to.

Each virtual interface needs a VLAN ID, interface IP address, ASN, and BGP key. To use your AWS Direct Connect connection with another AWS account, you can create a hosted virtual interface for that account.

These hosted virtual interfaces work the same as standard virtual interfaces and can connect to public resources or a VPC.


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