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Oracle Database 1Z0-071 Practice Test 1-13

Another thing that can prove very helpful in preparing for the 1Z0-071 exam is the 1Z0-071 practice test.

Evaluate the following query:  

Examdemosimulation 1z0-071 exam questions-q1

What would be the outcome of the above query?
A. It produces an error because the data types are not matching.
B. It executes successfully and displays the literal ” {\\’s start date was \> ” for each row in the output.
C. It executes successfully and introduces an \\’s at the end of each promo_name in the output.
D. It produces an error because flower braces have been used.
Correct Answer: C

Evaluate the following two queries:

Examdemosimulation 1z0-071 exam questions-q2

Which statement is true regarding the above two queries?
A. Performance would improve in query 2 only if there are null values in the CUST_CREDIT_LIMIT column.
B. There would be no change in performance.
C. Performance would degrade in query 2.
D. Performance would improve in query 2.
Correct Answer: B

Which three statements are true regarding the data types? (Choose three.)
A. The minimum column width that can be specified for a VARCHAR2 data type column is one.
B. Only one LONG column can be used per table.
C. A TIMESTAMP data type column stores only time values with fractional seconds.
D. The BLOB data type column is used to store binary data in an operating system file.
E. The value for a CHAR data type column is blank-padded to the maximum defined column width.
Correct Answer: ABE

Which three statements are true regarding single-row functions? (Choose three.)
A. The data type returned, can be different from the data type of the argument that is referenced.
B. They can return multiple values of more than one data type.
C. They can accept only one argument.
D. They can be nested up to only two levels.
E. They can be used in SELECT, WHERE, and ORDER BY clauses.
F. They can accept column names, expressions, variable names, or a user-supplied constants as arguments.
Correct Answer: AEF

Which two are true about scalar subquery expressions? (Choose two.)
A. They can return at most one row.
B. You can use them as a default value for a column.
C. You cannot correlate them with a table in the parent statement.
D. You must enclose them in parentheses.
E. They can return two columns.
Correct Answer: AD

Which two statements are true about the rules of precedence for operators? (Choose two.)
A. The concatenation operator | | is always evaluated before addition and subtraction in an expression
B. Multiple parentheses can be used to override the default precedence of operators in an expression
C. Arithmetic operators with equal precedence area evaluated from left to right within an expression
D. NULLS influence the precedence of operators in an expression
E. The + binary operator has the highest precedence in an expression in a SQL statement
Correct Answer: BE
Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14200/operators001.htm

Which three are true about system and object privileges? (Choose three.)
A. WITH GRANT OPTION can be used when granting an object privilege to both users and roles
B. Adding a primary key constraint to an existing table in another schema requires a system privilege
C. Adding a foreign key constraint pointing to a table in another schema requires the REFERENCES object privilege
D. Revoking a system privilege that was granted with WITH ADMIN OPTION has a cascading effect
E. Revoking an object privilege that was granted with the WITH GRANT OPTION clause has a cascading effect.
F. WITH GRANT OPTION cannot be used when granting an object privilege to PUBLIC
Correct Answer: ACE
Reference https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/network.111/b28531/authorization.htm#DBSEG004

View the exhibit and examine the structure and data in the INVOICE table.

Examdemosimulation 1z0-071 exam questions-q8

Which two SQL statements would execute successfully? (Choose two.)
A. SELECT MAX(AVG(SYSDATE -inv_date)) FROM invoice
B. SELECT AVG(inv_date) FROM invoice
C. SELECT MAX(inv_date), MIN(cust_id) FROM invoice
D. SELECT AVG( inv_date -SYSDATE), AVG(inv_amt) FROM invoice
Correct Answer: CD

Examine this SELECT statement and view the Exhibit to see its output:

Examdemosimulation 1z0-071 exam questions-q9

SELECT constraints_name, constraints_type, search_condition, r_constraints_name, delete_rule, status,
FROM user_constraints
WHERE table_name = \\’ORDERS\\’;
Which two statements are true about the output? (Choose two.)
A. The DELETE_RULE column indicates the desired state of related rows in the child table when the corresponding row
is deleted from the parent table.
B. The R_CONSTRAINT_NAME column contains an alternative name for the constraint.
C. In the second column, \\’c\\’ indicates a check constraint.
D. The STATUS column indicates whether the table is currently in use.
Correct Answer: AC

Which three statements are true about Data Manipulation Language (DML)?
A. UPDATE statements can have different subqueries to specify the values for each updated column.
B. INSERT statements can insert NULLS explicitly into a column.
C. DELETE statements can remove multiple rows based on multiple conditions.
D. DML statements require a primary key be defined on a table.
E. INSERT INTO…SELECT…FROM statements automatically commit.
Correct Answer: ACE

Which three statements are true regarding the WHERE and HAVING clauses in a SQL statement? (Choose three.)
A. WHERE and HAVING clauses cannot be used together in a SQL statement.
B. The HAVING clause conditions can have aggregate functions.
C. The HAVING clause conditions can use aliases for the columns.
D. The WHERE clause is used to exclude rows before the grouping of data.
E. The HAVING clause is used to exclude one or more aggregated results after grouping data.
Correct Answer: BDE

View the Exhibit and examine the description of the tables.

Examdemosimulation 1z0-071 exam questions-q12

Which three statements are true?
A. The statement will execute successfully and a new row will be inserted into the SALES table.
B. A product can have a different unit price at different times.
C. The statement will fail because a subquery may not be contained in a VALUES clause.
D. The statement will fail if a row already exists in the SALES table for product 23.
E. A customer can exist in many countries.
F. The SALES table has five foreign keys.
Correct Answer: AEF

View the Exhibit and examine the structure of the ORDER_ITEMS table.

Examdemosimulation 1z0-071 exam questions-q13

Examine the following SQL statement:
SELECT order_id, product_id, unit_price
FROM order_items
WHERE unit_price =
(SELECT MAX(unit_price)
FROM order_items
GROUP BY order_id);
You want to display the PRODUCT_ID of the product that has the highest UNIT_PRICE per ORDER_ID. What
correction should be made in the above SQL statement to achieve this?
A. Remove the GROUP BY clause from the subquery and place it in the main query
B. Replace = with the >ANY operator
C. Replace = with the >ALL operator
D. Replace = with the IN operator
Correct Answer: D

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