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Exam Code: 210-060
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Collaboration Devices (CICD)
Updated: Jul 23, 2017
Q&As: 203

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Up to the Immediate Present Cisco 210-260 Dumps Exam Cram:

User A needs to have a line shared on the user B phone. Both phones register with Cisco Unified
Communications Manager. Which method can be used from Cisco Unified Communications Manager
Administration web pages to configure a shared line on the user B phone?
A. Navigate to the user B phone > Add the user A DN.
B. Navigate to the user B phone > Shared Line > Add the user A DN.
C. Navigate to DN configuration > Shared Line > Add the user A DN.
D. Navigate to end user configuration > Shared Line > Add the user A DN.
210-060 dumps 
Correct Answer: A
An engineer is configuring a group of DNs and wants the external phone number mask to match the last
four digits of the DN. Which option should be used?
A. 123555xxxx
B. 123555XXXX
C. 123555****
D. 123555….
Correct Answer: B
A user registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager wants their cell phone to ring simultaneously
with the IP phone. Which three configuration points must be configured to achieve this configuration?
(Choose three.)
A. Enable Mobile Voice Access.
B. Create Remote Destination Profile.
C. Create Remote Destination.
D. Enable Single Number Reach.
E. Create Application Dial Rule.
F. Enable Call Forwarding.
210-060 exam 
Correct Answer: BCD
An end user is running Cisco Jabber on the desktop. Which two icons must be selected to make a video
call? (Choose two.)
A. Contacts icon
B. phone icon
C. person icon
D. message icon

E. web video conferencing icon
Correct Answer: AB
Select and Place:

Select and Place:

An engineer receives an isolated report that the customer can make calls successfully from an IP phone to
other IP phones, but receives an error recording when attempting to call someone over the PSTN. The
user cannot recall the error recording to provide the specific error message. Which two steps should the
network engineer take to begin troubleshooting? (Choose two.)
A. Enable debug isdn q931 on the gateway and have user make the same call from the IP phone to PSTN
B. Check the region used by the IP phone in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

C. Test the call using Dialed Number Analyzer in Cisco Unified Communications Manager administrator.
D. Check the calling search space used by the line on the IP phone in Cisco Unified Communications
E. Check the gateway to determine which codec is being used by the appropriate dial peer.
210-060 pdf 
Correct Answer: CD
A technician is checking services in response to the recent failed delivery of all voicemails. Which service
must be running for message delivery to function properly?
A. Connection DB Event Publisher
B. Connection Database Proxy
C. Connection Notifier
D. Connection Message Transfer Agent
Correct Answer: D
A field technician must reset a single 7965 IP phone so that it will be discovered on the network again and
request an IP address from DCHP. Which steps should the network engineer provide?
A. Have field technician select the Settings button on phone, then dial # # * * *
B. Have field technician select the Settings button on phone, then dial # # * # #
C. Have field technician select the Settings button on phone, then dial * * # * *
D. Have field technician select the Settings button on phone, then dial * * # # #
210-060 dumps 
Correct Answer: C
An engineer needs to block any outbound calls to specific numbers. Which dial plan element is used to
restrict called numbers?
A. partition
B. route group
C. route list
D. calling search space
Correct Answer: D

Which option in RTMT would be used to monitor connections using Cisco Unity Connection?
A. Port Monitor
B. Called Party Tracing
C. System Summary
D. Trace and Log Central

210-060 pdf Correct Answer: A

An engineer receives a report that Cisco Unified Communications Manager is not responding. The
engineer needs to use RTMT to check errors. Which menu path should the engineer follow to install
A. System Settings > Plugins > RTMT
B. Unified Communications Serviceability > Downloads > RTMT
C. Application > Plugins > RTMT
D. System > Plugins > RTMT
Correct Answer: C
A voice engineer wants to monitor system activities using the RTMT tool.
Which step is next after navigating to Cisco Unified Reporting?
A. system > scheduler > CDR
B. system reports > unified CM data summary > generate report
C. system > tools > reports
D. tools > CDR analysis and reporting
210-060 vce 
Correct Answer: B

Which option would an administrator use to find all unassigned directory numbers in Cisco Unified
Communications Manager?
A. Route plan report
D. Cisco Reporting Tool
E. Directory number lookup
Correct Answer: A
An end user is unable to sign into Jabber. Assuming that network connectivity has been verified, which
three settings for the end user should be checked? (Choose three.)
A. Jabber Advanced Settings
B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Service Profile
C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager User Management
D. Cisco Unified Presence Server Advanced Settings
E. Cisco Unified Presence Server Application Listener
F. Cisco Unified Presence Server System Topology
G. Jabber Version
210-060 exam 
Correct Answer: ABC

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