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Exam Code: 70-734
Exam Name: OEM Preinstallation for Windows 10
Updated: Aug 11, 2017
Q&As: 46

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70-734 dumps

Up to the Immediate Present Microsoft 70-734 Dumps Exam Cram:

A list of desirable attributes included in a job description for a Service Desk Analyst should include

A. Seeing a users Incident or Service Request through to resolution, conveying a willingness to
help and being nice to senior management
B. Conveying a willingness to help,focussing on business needs and providing users with the best
possible service
C. Taking ownership of users Problems, maintaining a positive attitude and focusing your attention
on the user
D. Focussing on business needs, providing users with best possible service with an ability to
answer a high volume of calls
70-734 exam Answer: B
We should maintain a positive service attitude at all times; which option is the best reason for
doing so?
A. A good service attitude will improve SLA performance
B. Users will see the Service Desk as cheerful happy people
C. It will help to build confidence in the service
D. A bad attitude means that SLAswont be met
Answer: C
Which of these options is a characteristic of a successfully performing team?
A. Attendance at team social events is mandatory.
B. The team leader closely manages everyone equally
C. A team member will do anything to be the best
D. Everyone actively listens to each other
70-734 dumps Answer: D
Which attribute would you expect from good team members?
A. They are nice to everyone
B. They have good timekeeping skills
C. They listen to otherpeoples point of view
D. They cover up their mistakes
Answer: C
Which of these options best describes a benefit of good teamwork?
A. There is always someone else to pick up any work you fail to do
B. There is commitment to team decisions
C. There is a specialist for each product or service
D. There is less need for person-to-person communication
70-734 pdf Answer: B
Which option is NOT a characteristic of a successful team?
A. Trust is encouraged amongst team members
B. Support from senior management is received
C. League tables are published
D. Participation in the decision-making process is encouraged
Answer: C
How would you characterise a failing team?
A. It is managed without SLAs
B. Its members are very touchy feely
C. Its members demonstrate low morale
D. It is solelyfocussed on business objectives
70-734 vce Answer: C
Your manager has emphasised the importance of establishing effective working relationships with
other teams in the organisation. Of these options, which is the most important activity you should
undertake to enable this to happen?
A. Learn about andrecognise the roles and responsibilities of other teams
B. Ensure that your team is seen by users as their champion
C. Treat everyone according to their importance in theorganisation
D. Make certain that the IT director is aware of inter-team communication issues
Answer: A
The relationship between the Service Desk and Technical Support is poor; what action would you
recommend to improve the situation?
A. Encourage the sharing of information between the two teams
B. Escalate it immediately to management
C. Live with itit happens in every organisation
D. Suggest the technical support team have some soft-skills training
70-734 exam Answer: A
What might your Service Desk do to build a good a relationship with its users?
A. Produce detailed SLA reports
B. Regularly hit 99.6% system availability
C. Deliver consistent service levels
D. Maintain a formal distance from users
Answer: C
Your organisation is a global one and you support users in different parts of the world. Which
statement best describes how you should interact with these users?
A. You should reinforce your values and approaches when dealing with other cultures
B. You should understand the perspective of others andrecognise your reactions to
C. You should provide regular examples that demonstrate how different your cultures are
D. You should reassign any calls you receive from other regions to other team members
70-734 dumps Answer: B

You are handling users Incidents or Service Requests – the impact of a language barrier can mean
A. A higher volume of Incidents and Service Requests are logged
B. The Priorities of Incidents and Service Requests are higher due to increased escalations
C. Customer satisfaction is higher due to the length of time spent on the calls
D. There is confusion about the details of the users Incident or Service Request
Answer: D
You receive a call from an important user whose language is very difficult to understand and the
situation is becoming frustrating and awkward. What do you do?
A. Keep trying to work with them to understand their issue
B. Try and use some simplehumour to lighten the situation and build rapport
C. Drop the call and ask a manager to call back
D. Keep the user on the line and escalate the call
70-734 pdf Answer: D
Which option is the best technique to use when speaking with someone from a different culture or
who has difficulty communicating in your language?
A. Ask the user to email you with the details
B. Advise the user about language classes they can take
C. Use paraphrasing to verify your understanding
D. Speak informally to put them at their ease
Answer: C
You are logging a Service Request for a user speaking a foreign language and you are struggling
to understand his/her requirements; which option is NOT an option for language assistance?
A. Language courses
B. Translation applications
C. An interpreter
D. Other Service Desk staff
70-734 vce Answer: A
To improve your telephone communications skills, which of these skills should you concentrate on
A. Your ability to read personality types
B. Your facial gestures when talking
C. Your listening capability
D. Your technical comprehension
Answer: C
Which option best describes call differentiating?
A. Understanding that 75% of customer satisfaction is derived from psychological needs being met
and 25% of business needs being met
B. Understanding that 75% of customer satisfaction is derived from business needs being met and
25% from psychological needs being met
C. Understanding that 65% of customer satisfaction is derived from speedy resolution and 35%
from regular status updates
D. Understanding that 90% of customer satisfaction is derived from psychological needs being met
and 10% from business needs being met
70-734 exam Answer: A

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