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[2022 latest] Aws certified developer–associate (dva-c01) dumps practice questions 1-12:

Q 1

An application that is deployed to Amazon EC2 is using Amazon DynamoDB. The application calls the DynamoDB REST API. Periodically, the application receives a ProvisionedThroughputExceededException error when the application writes to a DynamoDB table.
Which solutions will mitigate this error MOST cost-effectively? (Choose two.)

A. Modify the application code to perform exponential backoff when the error is received.
B. Modify the application to use the AWS SDKs for DynamoDB.
C. Increase the read and write throughput of the DynamoDB table.
D. Create a DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) cluster for the DynamoDB table.
E. Create a second DynamoDB table. Distribute the reads and writes between two tables.

Reference: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/amazondynamodb/latest/developerguide/ Programming.Errors.html

Q 2

An application reads data from an Amazon DynamoDB table. Several times a day, for a period of 15 seconds, the application receives multiple ProvisionedThroughputExceeded errors.
How should this exception be handled?

A. Create a new global secondary index for the table to help with the additional requests.
B. Retry the failed read requests with exponential backoff.
C. Immediately retry the failed read requests.
D. Use the DynamoDB “UpdateItem” API to increase the provisioned throughput capacity of the table.


Q 3

A company is launching a new web application in the AWS Cloud. The company\’s development team is using AWS Elastic Beanstalk for deployment and maintenance. According to the company\’s change management process, the development team must evaluate changes for a specific time period before completing the rollout.

Which deployment policy meets this requirement?

A. Immutable
B. Rolling
C. Rolling with additional batch
D. Traffic splitting

Q 4

A development team is migrating a monolithic application to Amazon API Gateway with AWS Lambda integrations using the AWS CD The zip deployment package exceeds the Lambda direct upload deployment package size limit. How should the Lambda function be deployed?

A. Use the zip tile to create a Lambda layer and reference it using the -code CLI parameter
B. Create a Docker image and reference the image using the –docker-image CLI parameter
C. Upload a deployment package using the –zp-file CLI parameter
D. Upload a deployment package to Amazon S3 and reference Amazon S3 using the — code CLI parameter

Q 5

An Amazon S3 bucket, “myawsbucket” is configured with website hosting in Tokyo region, what is the region-specific website endpoint?

A. www.myawsbucket.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com
B. myawsbucket.s3-website-ap-northeast-1.amazonawscom
C. myawsbucket.amazonaws.com
D. myawsbucket.tokyo.amazonaws.com

Depending on your Region, your Amazon S3 website endpoint follows one of these two formats. s3-website dash (-) Region – http://bucket-name.s3-website-Region.amazonaws.com s3-website dot (.) Region – http://bucketname.s3-website.Region.amazonaws.com https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/WebsiteEndpoints.html

Q 6

An application overwrites an object in Amazon S3, and then immediately reads the same object. Why would the application sometimes retrieve the old version of the object?

A. S3 overwrite PUTS are eventually consistent, so the application may read the old object.
B. The application needs to add extra metadata to label the latest version when uploading to Amazon S3.
C. All S3 PUTS are eventually consistent, so the application may read the old object.
D. The application needs to explicitly specify latest version when retrieving the object.

Q 7

An organization is using Amazon CloudFront to ensure that its users experience low-latency access to its web application. The organization has identified a need to encrypt all traffic between users and CloudFront, and all traffic between CloudFront and the web application.

How can these requirements be met? (Choose two.)

A. Use AWS KMS to encrypt traffic between CloudFront and the web application.
B. Set the Origin Protocol Policy to “HTTPS Only”.
C. Set the Origin\\’s HTTP Port to 443.
D. Set the Viewer Protocol Policy to “HTTPS Only” or “Redirect HTTP to HTTPS”.
E. Enable the CloudFront option Restrict Viewer Access.


Q 8

A company runs continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for its application on AWS CodePipeline. A developer must write unit tests and run them as part of the pipelines before staging the artifacts for testing.
How should the Developer incorporate unit tests as part of CI/CD pipeline?

A. Create a separate codePipline pipline to run unit tests.
B. Update the AWS codeBuild build specification to include a phase for running unit tests.
C. Install the AWS CodeDeploy agent on an Amazon EC2 instance to run unit tests.
D. Create a testing branch in AWS CodeCommit to run unit tests.

Q 9

An application uses Amazon DynamoDB as its backend database The application experiences sudden spikes in traffic over the weekend and variable but predictable spikes during weekdays The capacity needs to be set to avoid throttling errors at all times.

How can this be accomplished cost-effectively?

A. Use provisioned capacity with AWS Auto Scaling throughout the week.
B. Use on-demand capacity for the weekend and provisioned capacity with AWS Auto Scaling during the weekdays
C. Use on-demand capacity throughout the week
D. Use provisioned capacity with AWS Auto Scaling enabled during the weekend and reserved capacity enabled during the weekdays

Q 10

Which features can be used to restrict access to data in S3? Choose 2 answers

A. Use S3 Virtual Hosting
B. Set an S3 Bucket policy.
C. Enable IAM Identity Federation.
D. Set an S3 ACL on the bucket or the object.
E. Create a CloudFront distribution for the bucket


Q 11

How can you secure data at rest on an EBS volume?

A. Attach the volume to an instance using EC2\\’s SSL interface.
B. Write the data randomly instead of sequentially.
C. Use an encrypted file system on top of the BBS volume.
D. Encrypt the volume using the S3 server-side encryption service.
E. Create an IAM policy that restricts read and write access to the volume.

Q 12

A company is using Amazon API Gateway to manage access to a set of microservices implemented as AWS Lambda functions. Following a bug report, the company makes a minor breaking change to one of the APIs.

In order to avoid impacting existing clients when the new API is deployed, the company wants to allow clients six months to migrate from v1 to v2.

Which approach should the Developer use to handle this change?

A. Update the underlying Lambda function and provide clients with the new Lambda invocation URL.
B. Use API Gateway to automatically propagate the change to clients, specifying 180 days in the phased deployment parameter.
C. Use API Gateway to deploy a new stage named v2 to the API and provide users with its URL.
D. Update the underlying Lambda function, create an Amazon CloudFront distribution with the updated Lambda function as its origin.

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[Test] Free AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA-C01) DVA-C01 practice tests:


An application has the following requirements:

1. Performance efficiency of seconds with up to a minute of latency.
2. The data storage size may grow up to thousands of terabytes.
3. Per-message sizes may vary between 100 KB and 100 MB.
4. Data can be stored as key/value stores supporting eventual consistency.

What is the MOST cost-effective AWS service to meet these requirements?

A. Amazon DynamoDB
B. Amazon S3
C. Amazon RDS (with a MySQL engine)
D. Amazon ElastiCache

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://aws.amazon.com/nosql/key-value/


A developer is building an application that processes a stream of user-supplied data. The data stream must be consumed by multiple Amazon EC2 based processing applications in parallel and in real time. Each processor must be able to resume without losing data if there is a service interruption.

The Application Architect plans to add other processors in the near future, and wants to minimize the amount data duplication involved.

Which solution will satisfy these requirements?

A. Publish the data to Amazon SQS.
B. Publish the data to Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose.
C. Publish the data to Amazon CloudWatch Events.
D. Publish the data to Amazon Kinesis Data Streams.

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://aws.amazon.com/kinesis/data-streams/faqs/


A Developer has an application that can upload tens of thousands of objects per second to Amazon S3 in parallel within a single AWS account. As part of new requirements, data stored in S3 must use server side encryption with AWS KMS (SSE-KMS). After creating this change, performance of the application is slower.

Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of the application latency?

A. Amazon S3 throttles the rate at which uploaded objects can be encrypted using Customer Master Keys.
B. The AWS KMS API calls limit is less than needed to achieve the desired performance.
C. The client encryption of the objects is using a poor algorithm.
D. KMS requires that an alias be used to create an independent display name that can be mapped to a CMK.

Correct Answer: B


KMS API access limit is 10k/sec in us-east and some others and 5.5k/sec for the rest of the regions. Client can request this limit to be changed.


A legacy service has an XML-based SOAP interface. The Developer wants to expose the functionality of the service to external clients with the Amazon API Gateway. Which technique will accomplish this?

A. Create a RESTful API with the API Gateway; transform the incoming JSON into a valid XML message for the SOAP interface using mapping templates.
B. Create a RESTful API with the API Gateway; pass the incoming JSON to the SOAP interface through an Application Load Balancer.
C. Create a RESTful API with the API Gateway; pass the incoming XML to the SOAP interface through an Application Load Balancer.
D. Create a RESTful API with the API Gateway; transform the incoming XML into a valid message for the SOAP interface using mapping templates.

Correct Answer: A



A Developer decides lo store highly secure data in Amazon S3 and wants to implement server-side encryption (SSF) with granular control of who can access the master key Company policy requires that the master key be created, rotated, and disabled easily when needed, all for security reasons. Which solution should be used to moot these requirements?

A. SSE with Amazon S3 managed keys (SSE-S3)
B. SSFE with AWS KMS managed keys (SSE KMS)
C. SSE with AWS Secrets Manager
D. SSE with customer provided encryption keys

Correct Answer: B


A Developer must trigger an AWS Lambda function based on the item lifecycle activity in an Amazon DynamoDB table.
How can the Developer create the solution?

A. Enable a DynamoDB stream that publishes an Amazon SNS message. Trigger the Lambda function synchronously from the SNS message.
B. Enable a DynamoDB stream that publishes an SNS message. Trigger the Lambda function asynchronously from the SNS message.
C. Enable a DynamoDB stream, and trigger the Lambda function synchronously from the stream.
D. Enable a DynamoDB stream, and trigger the Lambda function asynchronously from the stream.

Correct Answer: C



A developer is building an application that will run on Amazon EC2 instances. The application needs to connect to an Amazon DynamoDB table to read and write records. The security team must periodically rotate access keys.

Which approach will satisfy these requirements?

A. Create an IAM role with read and write access to the DynamoDB table. Generate access keys for the user and store the access keys in the application as environment variables.
B. Create an IAM user with read and write access to the DynamoDB table. Store the user name and password in the application and generate access keys using an AWS SDK.
C. Create an IAM role, configure read and write access for the DynamoDB table, and attach to the EC2 instances.
D. Create an IAM user with read and write access to the DynamoDB table. Generate access keys for the user and store the access keys in the application as a credentials file.

Correct Answer: D


A photo sharing website gets millions of new images every week The images are stored in Amazon S3 under a formatted date prefix A developer wants to move images to a few S3 buckets for analysis and further processing Images are not required to be moved in real time What is the MOST efficient method for performing this task?

A. Use S3 PutObject events to Invoke AWS Lambda Then Lambda will copy the files to the other objects
B. Create an AWS Lambda function that will pull a day of Images from the origin bucket and copy them to the other buckets.
C. Use S3 Batch Operations to create jobs for images to be copied to each Individual bucket.
D. Use Amazon EC2 to batch pull images from multiple days and copy them to the other buckets

Correct Answer: D


A Developer is building a serverless application using AWS Lambda and must create a REST API using an HTTP GET method.
What needs to be defined to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

A. A [email protected] function
B. An Amazon API Gateway with a Lambda function
C. An exposed GET method in an Amazon API Gateway
D. An exposed GET method in the Lambda function
E. An exposed GET method in Amazon Route 53

Correct Answer: BC

Reference: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/apigateway/latest/developerguide/apigateway-getting-startedwith-restapis.html


A Developer is writing a mobile application that allows users to view images from an S3 bucket. The users must be able to log in with their Amazon login, as well as Facebook?and/or Google?accounts.
How can the Developer provide this authentication functionality?

A. Use Amazon Cognito with web identity federation.
B. Use Amazon Cognito with SAML-based identity federation.
C. Use AWS IAM Access/Secret keys in the application code to allow Get* on the S3 bucket.
D. Use AWS STS AssumeRole in the application code and assume a role with Get* permissions on the S3 bucket.

Correct Answer: A


The upload of a 15 GB object to Amazon S3 fails. The error message reads: “Your proposed upload exceeds the maximum allowed object size.”
What technique will allow the Developer to upload this object?

A. Upload the object using the multi-part upload API.
B. Upload the object over an AWS Direct Connect connection.
C. Contact AWS Support to increase the object size limit.
D. Upload the object to another AWS region.

Correct Answer: A



A Developer is receiving HTTP 400: ThrottlingException errors intermittently when calling the Amazon
CloudWatch API. When a call fails, no data is retrieved.
What best practice should first be applied to address this issue?

A. Contact AWS Support for a limit increase.
B. Use the AWS CLI to get the metrics
C. Analyze the applications and remove the API call
D. Retry the call with exponential backoff

Correct Answer: A



A company requires that AWS Lambda functions written by developers log errors so system administrators can more effectively troubleshoot issues What should the developers implement to meet this need?

A. Publish errors to a dedicated Amazon SQS queue
B. Create an Amazon CloudWatch Events event to trigger based on certain Lambda events.
C. Report errors through logging statements in Lambda function code.
D. Set up an Amazon SNS topic that sends logging statements upon failure

Correct Answer: B

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