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A company maintains a REST service using Amazon API Gateway and the API Gateway native API key validation. The
company recently launched a new registration page, which allows users to sign up for the service. The registration page
creates a new API key using CreateApiKey and sends the new key to the user. When the user attempts to call the API
using this key, the user receives a 403 Forbidden error. Existing users are unaffected and can still call the API.
What code updates will grant these new users access to the API?
A. The createDeployment method must be called so the API can be redeployed to include the newly created API key.
B. The updateAuthorizer method must be called to update the API\\’s authorizer to include the newly created API key.
C. The importApiKeys method must be called to import all newly created API keys into the current stage of the API.
D. The createUsagePlanKey method must be called to associate the newly created API key with the correct usage
Correct Answer: A

A company has an application where reading objects from Amazon S3 is based on the type of user. The user types are
registered user and guest user. The company has 25,000 users and is growing. Information is pulled from an S3 bucket
depending on the user type.
Which approaches are recommended to provide access to both user types? (Choose two.)
A. Provide a different access key and secret access key in the application code for registered users and guest users to
provide read access to the objects.
B. Use S3 bucket policies to restrict read access to specific IAM users.
C. Use Amazon Cognito to provide access using authenticated and unauthenticated roles.
D. Create a new IAM user for each user and grant read access.
E. Use the AWS IAM service and let the application assume the different roles using the AWS Security Token Service
(AWS STS) AssumeRole action depending on the type of user and provide read access to Amazon S3 using the
assumed role.
Correct Answer: AB

Which EC2 API call would you use to retrieve a list of Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)?
A. DescnbeInstances
B. DescribeAMls
C. DescribeImages
D. GetAMls
E. You cannot retrieve a list of AMIs as there are over 10,000 AMIs
Correct Answer: C Describes the specified images
(AMIs, AKIs, and ARIs) available to you or all of the images available to you.

A Developer is trying to deploy a serverless application using AWS CodeDeploy. The application was updated and
needs to be redeployed.
What file does the Developer need to update to push that change through CodeDeploy?
B. buildspec.yml
C. appspec.yml
D. ebextensions.config
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following statements about SWF are true? Choose 3 answers
A. SWF tasks are assigned once and never duplicated
B. SWF requires an S3 bucket for workflow storage
C. SWF workflow executions can last up to a year
D. SWF triggers SNS notifications on task assignment
E. SWF uses deciders and workers to complete tasks
F. SWF requires at least 1 EC2 instance per domain
Correct Answer: ACE

A serverless application uses an API Gateway and AWS Lambda.
Where should the Lambda function store its session information across function calls?
A. In an Amazon DynamoDB table
B. In an Amazon SQS queue
C. In the local filesystem
D. In an SQLite session table using -DSQLITE_ENABLE_SESSION
Correct Answer: A

An e-commerce web application that shares session state on-premises is being migrated to AWS. The application must
be fault tolerant, natively highly scalable, and any service interruption should not affect the user experience.
What is the best option to store the session state?
A. Store the session state in Amazon ElastiCache
B. Store the session state in Amazon CloudFront
C. Store the session state in Amazon S3
D. Enable session stickiness using elastic load balancers
Correct Answer: A

An organization is storing large files in Amazon S3, and is writing a web application to display meta-data about the files
to end-users. Based on the metadata a user selects an object to download. The organization needs a mechanism to
index the files and provide single-digit millisecond latency retrieval for the metadata.
What AWS service should be used to accomplish this?
A. Amazon DynamoDB
B. Amazon EC2
C. AWS Lambda
D. Amazon RDS
Correct Answer: A
Amazon DynamoDB is a fast and flexible NoSQL database service for all applications that need consistent, single-digit
millisecond latency at any scale. It is a fully managed database and supports both document and key-value data models. Its flexible data model and reliable performance make it a great fit for mobile, web, gaming, ad-tech, Internet of
Things (IoT), and many other applications.

A company has a REST application comprised of an Amazon API Gateway and several AWS Lambda functions. A
developer is responding to an alert that the API Gateway\\’s HTTP response error rate has unexpectedly increased. The
developer must determine must which Lambda function is malfunctioning.
Which method would help the developer make this determination while minimizing delays?
A. Execute an Amazon Athena query against the API Gateway and Lambda execution logs.
B. Execute an Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights query against the API Gateway and Lambda execution logs.
C. Download the API Gateway and Lambda execution logs from Amazon S3, and perform a line-by-line search against
D. Download the API Gateway and Lambda execution logs from Amazon CloudWatch Events, and perform line-by-line
search against them.
Correct Answer: D

A Developer is creating a serverless website with content that includes HTML files, images, videos, and JavaScript
(client-side scripts).
Which combination of services should the Developer use to create the website?
A. Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront
B. Amazon EC2 and Amazon ElastiCache
C. Amazon ECS and Redis
D. AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway
Correct Answer: A

What is the format of structured notification messages sent by Amazon SNS?
A. An XML object containing MessageId, UnsubscribeURL, Subject, Message and other values
B. An JSON object containing MessageId, DuplicateFlag, Message and other values
C. An XML object containing MessageId, DuplicateFlag, Message and other values
D. An JSON object containing MessageId, unsubscribeURL, Subject, Message and other values
Correct Answer: D

A company has a web application In an Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) cluster running hundreds of
secure services in AWS Fargate containers. The services are in target groups routed by an Application Load Balancer
(ALB) Application users log in to the website anonymously, but they must be authenticated using any OpenID Connect
protocol-compatible identity provider (IdP) to access the secure services Which authentication approach would meet
these requirements with the LEAST amount of effort?
A. Configure the services to use Amazon Cognito.
B. Configure the ALB to use Amazon Cognito
C. Configure the services to use AWS Security Token Service (AWS STS) with the OpenID Connect IdP.
D. Configure the Amazon ECS cluster to use AWS Security Token Service (AWS STS) with the OpenID Connect IdP
Correct Answer: A

A Developer is migrating existing applications to AWS. These applications use MongoDB as their primary data store,
and they will be deployed to Amazon EC2 instances. Management requires that the Developer minimize changes to
applications while using AWS services
Which solution should the Developer use to host MongoDB in AWS?
A. Install MongoDB on the same instance where the application is running
B. Deploy Amazon DocumentDB in MongoDB compatibility mode
C. Use Amazon API Gateway to translate API calls from MongoDB to Amazon DynamoDB.
D. Replicate the existing MongoDB workload to Amazon DynamoDB
Correct Answer: D

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