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Company C has recently launched an online commerce site for bicycles on AWS. They have a “Product” DynamoDB
table that stores details for each bicycle, such as, manufacturer, color, price, quantity and size to display in the online
store. Due to customer demand, they want to include an image for each bicycle along with the existing details.
Which approach below provides the least impact to provisioned throughput on the “Product” table?
A. Serialize the image and store it in multiple DynamoDB tables
B. Create an “Images” DynamoDB table to store the Image with a foreign key constraint to the “Product” table
C. Add an image data type to the “Product” table to store the images in binary format
D. Store the images in Amazon S3 and add an S3 URL pointer to the “Product” table item for each image
Correct Answer: D
For example, consider the ProductCatalog table in the Creating Tables and Loading Data for Code Examples in
DynamoDB section. Items in this table store information about item price, description, book authors, and dimensions for
other products. If you wanted to store an image of each product that was too large to fit in an item, you could store the
images in Amazon S3 instead of in DynamoDB.

An application uses Lambda functions to extract metadata from files uploaded to an S3 bucket; the metadata is stored in
Amazon DynamoDB. The application starts behaving unexpectedly, and the Developer wants to examine the logs of the
Lambda function code for errors.
Based on this system configuration, where would the Developer find the logs?
A. Amazon S3
B. AWS CloudTrail
C. Amazon CloudWatch
D. Amazon DynamoDB
Correct Answer: C

A global company has an application running on Amazon EC2 instances that serves image files from Amazon S3. User
requests from the browser are causing high traffic, which results in degraded performance. Which optimization solution
should a Developer implement to increase application performance?
A. Create multiple prefix in the S3 bucket to increase the request rate
B. Create an Amazon ElastiCache cluster to cache and serve frequently accessed items.
C. Use Amazon CloudFront to serve the content of images stored in Amazon S3.
D. Submit a ticket to AWS support to request a rate limit increase for the S3 bucket.
Correct Answer: C

An AWS Lambda function generates a 3MB JSON file and then uploads it to an Amazon S3 bucket daily. The file
contains sensitive information, so the Developer must ensure that it is encrypted before uploading to the bucket. Which
of the following modifications should the Developer make to ensure that the data is encrypted before uploading it to the
A. Use the default AWS KMS customer master key for S3 in the Lambda function code.
B. Use the S3 managed key and call the GenerateDataKey API to encrypt the file.
C. Use the GenerateDateKey API, then use that data key to encrypt the file in the Lambda function code.
D. Use a custom KMS customer master key created for S3 in the Lambda function code.
Correct Answer: C

A Developer is trying to monitor an application\\’s status by running a cron job that returns 1 if the service is up and 0 if
the service is down. The Developer created code that uses an AWS CLI put-metric-alarm command to publish the
custom metrics to Amazon CloudWatch and create an alarm. However, the Developer is unable to create an alarm as
the custom metrics do not appear in the CloudWatch console.
What is causing this issue?
A. Sending custom metrics using the CLI is not supported.
B. The Developer needs to use the put-metric-data command.
C. The Developer must use a unified CloudWatch agent to publish custom metrics.
D. The code is not running on an Amazon EC2 instance.
Correct Answer: B

A Developer wants access to make the log data of an application running on an EC2 instance available to systems
administrators. Which of the following enables monitoring of this metric in Amazon CloudWatch?
A. Retrieve the log data from CloudWatch using the GetMetricData API call
B. Retrieve the log data from AWS CloudTrail using the LookupEvents API call.
C. Launch a new EC2 instance, configure Amazon CloudWatch Events, and then install the application.
D. Install the Amazon CloudWatch Logs agent on the EC2 instance that the application is running on.
Correct Answer: D

A Developer has published an update to an application that is served to a global user base using Amazon CloudFront.
After deploying the application, users are not able to see the updated changes. How can the Developer resolve this
A. Remove the origin from the CloudFront configuration and add it again.
B. Disable forwarding of query strings and request headers from the CloudFront distribution configuration.
C. Invalidate all the application objects from the edge caches.
D. Disable the CloudFront distribution and enable it again to update all the edge locations.
Correct Answer: C

How can a developer use a debugger for AWS Lambda code that is deployed with AWS Serverless Application Model
A. Download the Lambda code locally and use the AWS CLI to execute it
B. Use the Lambda console to connect the debugger
C. Use AWS SAM to invoke a function locally in debug mode
D. Connect a third-party-compatible integrated development environment (IDE) to the Lambda debugger endpoint
Correct Answer: C

When a Developer tries to run an AWS CodeBuild project, it raises an error because the length of all environment
variables exceeds the limit for the combined maximum of characters.
What is the recommended solution?
A. Add the export LC_ALL=”en_US.utf8″ command to the pre_build section to ensure POSIX localization.
B. Use Amazon Cognito to store key-value pairs for large numbers of environment variables.
C. Update the settings for the build project to use an Amazon S3 bucket for large numbers of environment variables.
D. Use AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store to store large numbers of environment variables.
Correct Answer: D

A Developer is designing a new application that uses Amazon S3. To satisfy compliance requirements, the Developer
must encrypt the data at rest. How can the Developer accomplish this?
A. Use s3:x-amz-acl as a condition in the S3 bucket policy.
B. Use Amazon RDS with default encryption.
C. Use aws:SecureTransport as a condition in the S3 bucket policy.
D. Turn on S3 default encryption for the S3 bucket.
Correct Answer: D

A company is building a compute-intensive application that will run on a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances. The application
uses attached Amazon EBS disks for storing data. The application will process sensitive information and all the data
must be encrypted.
What should a Developer do to ensure the data is encrypted on disk without impacting performance?
A. Configure the Amazon EC2 instance fleet to use encrypted EBS volumes for storing data.
B. Add logic to write all data to an encrypted Amazon S3 bucket.
C. Add a custom encryption algorithm to the application that will encrypt and decrypt all data.
D. Create a new Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with an encrypted root volume and store the data to ephemeral disks.
Correct Answer: A

A developer has written an Amazon kinesis Data streams application. As usage grows and traffic over time, the
application is regularly receiving provisionedThroughputExceededException error messages.
Which steps should the Developer take to resolve the error? (Select Two.)
A. Use Auto scaling to scale the stream for better performance.
B. Increase the delay between the GetRecords call and the PutRecords call.
C. Increase the number of shards in the data stream.
D. Specify a shard iterator using the shardlterator parameter.
E. Implement exponential backoff on the GetRecords call and the PutRecords call.
Correct Answer: CD

A deployment package uses the AWS CLI to copy files into any S3 bucket in the account, using access keys stored in
environment variables. The package is running on EC2 instances, and the instances have been modified to run with an
assumed IAM role and a more restrictive policy that allows access to only one bucket.
After the change, the Developer logs into the host and still has the ability to write into all of the S3 buckets in that
What is the MOST likely cause of this situation?
A. An IAM inline policy is being used on the IAM role
B. An IAM managed policy is being used on the IAM role
C. The AWS CLI is corrupt and needs to be reinstalled
D. The AWS credential provider looks for instance profile credentials last
Correct Answer: B

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